Engineering Solutions, PLLC

150 West 30th Street
Suite 402
New York, NY 10001



Engineering Solutions recognizes the importance of every employee that makes up our team and is committed to their professional development. We provide an energetic and fun work environment to ensure the wellbeing of each person so that they function at their best.

We offer internships for college students and expose them to real world office and engineering operations, sharing our collective knowledge in a work environment in which they will prosper to help guide them on their career choices. Please contact us to inquire about joining our team.

Engineering Solutions supports STEAM disciplines and has brought high school students interested in a career in engineering to shadow our engineers. Several students have taken this opportunity to observe office operations, and visit sites to observe MEPFP systems in operation or in construction.


Q: What states are we licensed in?
A: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut

Q: What is an ARC System?
A: Auxiliary Radio Communication (ARC) Systems are part of the fire alarm system to allow emergency responders to communicate within the building without interference. ARC Systems are required on all new buildings over 75’ in height.

Q: What is a backflow device?
A: A backflow device, such as an RPZ, DCV, or DCDA is a piece of equipment that prevents the flow of water from the building back into the street main, therefore protecting the city’s water supply from possible contamination. All new services require one of these devices, with substantial renovations of existing systems to be retrofit with the necessary device.